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Why Hiring Professional Movers Beats Moving Yourself

It doesn’t take an accounting genius to understand that moving is a significant expense. When you start adding together the down payment, the security deposit, it can definitely feel like a lot. That’s usually when you start to think about moving yourself—the DIY way is always cheaper, right. However, most people find that at the end of the day, it’s not worth the trouble. A lifetime of chiropractic appointments just to save a little dough? No thank you! Need more incentive than that? Here are the top reasons why hiring a moving professional beats doing the heavy lifting yourself any day.

Your Friends Won’t Resent You

Sure, enticing your pals with the promise of free pizza and beer worked for college moves. After all, back then all your earthly possessions amounted to a futon and a few crates of DVDs. But now, with a solid oak dining table and antique bureau—plus a whole house full of furniture and appliances—you probably aren’t going to win any popularity contests if you try to enlist your friends for help. Graduate to a professional moving service, and you won’t wreck any friendships in the process—plus you’ll have someone to housesit after you’re all settled in.

Two Words: Professional Experience

The average homeowner moves about 11.4 times in their life, which means most people aren’t exactly novices, but they’re not really moving pros either. Movers can reassemble furniture, coordinate two-person lifts, and navigate tight spaces in their sleep (don’t worry though, there are very few narcoleptic movers). And we carry the right equipment with them—dollies, hand trucks, forklift straps—you name it, we’ve got it, and have been trained how to use it without injury.

That Old College Injury Won’t Act Up

Whether it’s a bad knee or a herniated disk, not everyone is cracked up to lift a whole household’s worth of stuff. It may smart your pride a little bit to ask for assistance, but it really pays off when you emerge from your move injury-free. Moving is especially punishing on the lower back, neck, and shoulders, especially since it may require you to lift things from an awkward position or to hold heavy objects for a long time, which makes you more likely to hurt yourself. Save your back, take a load off and call out the pros.

It’s Just More Efficient

Your moving to-do list is probably already crammed with last-minute errands and small tasks, so forfeiting a whole day to moving is quite the sacrifice, to say the least. If you’ve ever seen a professional mover stack boxes on a hand truck, you know how efficient we can be. Hand off the job to the pros, and you’ll clear up some time in your schedule for phone calls, errands, or just a little much-needed R&R.

Make the Drive Easier

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, driving a packed 26-foot moving truck is not for the feint of heart. Commercial drivers are expected to complete hours of training, but when you rent a moving truck, they just toss you the keys and push you off the lot. Good luck trying to make a sharp turn or back the thing up! There’s enough happening on moving day already—it’s not the best time to receive an unexpected crash course in commercial driving. At Blue Whale Moving, we don’t just do all the heavy lifting, we also handle the worst parts of the drive, as well. That way, you’ll come away safely with both your belongings and your peace of mind intact.