Professional Storage Services in Austin, TX

austin-storage-companyNeed to lighten your load for a little while? We pack, we move, and we store! At 23,000 square feet, our Texas-sized facility can store schools of belongings, big and small in individually secured vaults. Short term or long term, all of our storage clients receive the benefit of 24-hour security, seven days a week.

Our mission is to make it more convenient for you to move, no matter where you’re going. We know moving can be stressful. Let us simplify it with our full-service business model and personal level of service. Call today for a free consultation or a free estimate on storage.

How does Blue Whale storage work?

Take it from us: Moving is not without its snags. Sometimes you think your new home is ready to move in, and suddenly something comes up. Maybe it needs a second inspection; maybe it needs to be fumigated. Whatever the case, it can throw a wrench into your entire relocation.

Luckily, Blue Whale offers the services to help you address unexpected obstacles during your move. We’ll store your stuff in our safe storage facilities so you don’t have to worry about anything but yourself and your family. Go ahead, get a hotel; your stuff will still be there when the complications are over.

Maybe you have an expected lag between point A and point B. Don’t worry; your possessions are still safe with us. Simply let us know how long your stuff needs to be stored and we’ll keep it safe while you ensure your new home or office is ready for move-in. That’s just one of the ways Blue Whale has become one of Austin’s most trusted full-service moving companies.

How we protect your possessions

It’s natural to worry about your stuff when it’s not in your direct possession. We don’t expect you to be completely free of worry; that’s just not realistic. What we can do is mitigate potential risks during storage, so you can be as worry-free as possible for as long as your valuables and your family are separated, whether you planned for this or needed storage services unexpectedly.

In the climate-stabilized facility, your valuables are fire and theft protected. We have high-tech security systems and very high expectations of our warehouse crew. The crew and crew manager will not only pack and maintain your storage, they will also help you rapidly retrieve items from your crates.

Even if you don’t know exactly when you’ll be able to pick up your stuff, it doesn’t matter. Flexibility is just part of our customer-friendly business model. We’re a professional moving company that wants you to be stress-free. Call us any time to schedule pick-up and drop off, but remember we need 48 hours’ advance notice for vault access. And if you want to store your possessions after you move, we can make that happen; just let us know and forget about the rest. Blue Whale Moving is on your side.