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Your Storage Questions Answered

There are a number of reasons why you may need or want to store some of your possessions. Sometimes items are difficult, or dangerous, to store at home. Sometimes you need a little extra space. Whatever your reasons for storing, Blue Whale Moving, Inc. can keep your belongings safe until you're ready to bring them home! When using storage services, it's natural to have questions! We've answered a few common questions here, but if you're got a question we don't answer give us a call at(512) 328-6688! We're happy to answer any questions you have! - What can I store? What have you got? Our Texas-sized storage vaults can safely hold large items, like furniture or pianos, and small items, like wedding dresses or books. Our storage is temperature stabilized, secured and protected against fire and theft! - How will I know my belongings are safe? We use high tech security systems that ensure your things are safe 24/7/365. We take storing your belongings seriously so you won't have to worry. - How long can I store my things with Blue Whale Moving, Inc.? We offer long term and short term storage solutions! If you're not sure how long you'll need to store your possessions that's okay too! We'll keep your things safe and sound as long as you need. Just let us know 48 hours before you'll need access and we'll take care of the rest! - How much will storing my things cost? Blue Whale Moving, Inc. offers affordable, flexible pricing options for all your storage needs! Your rate will depend on your unique storage needs. We offer free, no nonsense storage quotes so that you can plan for your storage needs! Whether you're in the middle of a move or you just have a few too many things, Blue Whale Moving, Inc. can help securely store your items in our Austin facility! When you're ready to collect your belongings, we'll be there to help too! Please call us at (512) 328-6688 with questions, concerns or to set up a time to receive a storage quote! We're looking forward to hearing from you!