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Peace of Mind During Your Move – Finding Your Happy Place

It’s no secret that moving can be stressful. Whether your move requires nothing more than a bit of your time and the use of a pickup truck or an army of coordinated professionals (Hey, we can help with that), it can be a time where genuine calm is hard to find. Having executed a few thousand moves, we wanted to offer a few tips to help you stay as serene as an alpine lake. Set Aside Time, Then Double It While may go without saying, we want to say it anyway. Almost everyone underestimates the amount of time and energy their move will require of them. Try to factor in every item that will need your attention during the weeks and months that lead up to your move. Think of all the paperwork that will be involved, all of the phone calls, the conversations with friends, family and loved ones. To say nothing of the actual work! Which brings us to… Start Packing Today The best way to tackle the enormous job that is packing an entire household is to entrust it to the pros! The second best way is to start packing the day you decide you’re going to move, and pack a couple of boxes every day. The idea here is to avoid the last-minute cram, because if you have spent the whole sleepless night (or nights!) before your move in a frenzy of last-minute packing, peace of mind becomes a lost cause. Remove Clutter The weeks before a move are a wonderful time to take stock of your belongings and shed the excess. Not only will relieving yourself of these extraneous items feel great and help make your new space feel clean and bright, it will save you time, energy, and money on your move! Call our sister business Humpback Junk Removal for a free estimate on relieving you of tangible karmic crud™. Have a Plan The more details of your move you have already considered, the less you will have to think about on move day, and trust us, you’ll have plenty to occupy your mind. Not only should you make arrangements for children and pets, but think through where you want your furniture and boxes to wind up. Do you want all the boxes together in one place, or would you rather they be delivered to the room in which they belong? Should your couch be on this wall or that wall? These seemingly small, insignificant questions will feel enormous on move day. But, on the flip side… Don’t Worry When The Plan Changes As has been said a thousand times, “No plan survives contact with reality.” With moving, there are countless moving parts, and many of them our out of your control. Try to remember that changes to the plan are small detours, ultimately still leading to your final destination – your new home! – and not total derailments of your journey. When the apartment doesn’t have the keys ready or your closing is delayed, don’t let it get under your skin. Stay focused on the exciting new chapter in your life that is being opened.