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Moving Soon? Here’s How to Get Started

Whether you’re upgrading from your starter home or downsizing to a more cozy unit, recently had a new baby or just sent the last one off to college, if you’re about to move soon, chances are you’re feeling one major emotion: overwhelmed. Changing homes is a massive project that takes a lot of coordination and planning. Not only will you have to pack up all of your worldly belongings and transport them, you’ll also have to tie up all the loose ends from your home’s sale or your lease and make sure the new property is ready to go when you get there—all of it while navigating the minefield of emotions triggered by moving. But before you start tensing up, consider this: moving is stressful, yes, but a well-planned move is no less frustrating than say, your average MoPac traffic jam. Here’s what to do to make the whole process a lot less painless—and stress less between now and moving day!

Get Started As Early As You Possibly Can

We get it—life happens, and not all moves come with a ton of advanced warning. However, most of the time, you have at least a month’s notice before your move-out date, and that’s exactly when you should get the ball rolling. All too often, we see clients who put off their packing and planning until the last possible minute, and it just makes a busy day all that much more frustrating. You want to have time to sort through your possessions and really decide what’s making the move—not be tossing things together in a few hours. Work on the easy things first, like throwing out that broken-down patio furniture or using up the last of the groceries in the pantry. If you’re moving to a smaller home and need to downsize, you’ll probably need extra time for this. But no matter where you’re headed next, the sooner you get going, the better you’ll feel on move-out day.

Book Your Mover Ahead of Schedule

In any given day, there are thousands of people moving, which means movers stay busy, to say the least. To ensure that you get the most convenient day and timeslot for you, book your mover ahead of time—usually about three weeks before you plan on moving. Most movers are honest, reliable people, but no-shows do happen, so look for a company with a good reputation—someone who comes recommended by a friend, and who’s been in business long enough to have the process down pat. For instance, we at Blue Whale Moving Company have been at this since 1988, so we don’t have the kinds of hiccups you’ll get with an inexperienced moving team.

Make a Moving Plan

The best projects have a plan, and your move is no different. Make a list of all the things you need to do before you move—having it all down on paper makes it so much easier to prioritize jobs, and it’ll let you reserve your brain power for all the myriad tasks you have on your plate. To get you started, here’s a list of some of the most common objectives:
  • Notify your landlord
  • Schedule a house closing
  • Book a mover
  • Have your mail forwarded
  • Notify your bank, credit cards insurance providers, and all other important parties of your move
  • Schedule a utility transfer
  • Purchase moving supplies
  • Host a garage sale
  • Donate unwanted goods
  • Bring large trash to the landfill
  • Decide where large furniture and appliances will go in your new home
Oh, and one word of advice: if you’re closing on a new home, don’t schedule it for the same day as your move—that’s way more stress than anybody should have to endure in one 24-hour period!

Start the Purge

You don’t want to be carting away junk that could just as easily go in the recycle bin, so start sorting now, while there’s still time! Usually, homeowners find it useful to separate their belongings into three categories: to keep, to donate, and to toss. The City of Austin Resource Recovery Center has awesome resources on bulk collection, curbside schedules, recycling drop-off centers, as well as what to do with specific items around your home. But if you need some serious help, a junk removal service, like our sister company, Humpback Junk, can take care of large items for you. Hey, anything you can take off your plate is a win on moving day. So what are you waiting for? Grab your to-do list and get started—trust us, your move will be here before you know it!