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Life From The Crow’s Nest

My favorite part of the moving industry is without a doubt the sheer variety of what we do. Every individual has a style, a budget, a priority order, and a vision; with every home reflecting that individual. When we arrive to move someone we arrive to a home that is (usually) ready to be moved, meaning the boxes are packed, the art is down, the home is a house. However, being the visual estimator, I get the unique experience to arrive when the house is still a home. Beyond the post of visual estimator, there is so much that I see by being in the moving industry. From this vantage point Blue Whale has the ability to see what is coming to our city. Even if we don’t book every move that we quote, we have vision of the flow of people. It used to surprise me to hear about the number of people moving to Austin, even just the number of people moving around IN Austin. Now I am the one that my friends ask when the topic comes up, as our ship charts the current. In terms of day to day, it never fails to amaze me how much variety there is in how homes are decorated. There are so many different kinds of cool ideas, some with collections of art and collections passed down the family, some with furniture placed just off center enough to draw attention. To be fair, there are also some ideas that don’t look as good, or simply get the job done. Every home is an expression of what the owner themselves want to see when given the choice. I am lucky enough to have a job that affords me the opportunity to step inside and see everything, see the room designed for the party and then the room designed for the self, see the art that has been immaculately displayed and then the art that never made it out of storage. It is truly a humbling experience to see so much of people. And, on a shallower note, you can rest assured that any future decorating on my end will be inspired by what I see in your homes every day. Logan Norris, Visual Estimator