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My First Whale Song

Call me Logan. No but really, now that I’ve finished my first full month at Blue Whale I can honestly say, “This is Logan, how may I help you?” Any given day that you call in, your eardrums may be graced by that song or perhaps the song of one of my pod-mates instead. You see, I have been here long enough to promise that no matter who you get when you call, what you get is a FRIEND. This isn’t my first job answering phones, it’s not even my second one. It is however the first one I’ve had that makes me look forward to hearing the phone ring. There is a legitimate rush to be the first to catch the call, and the reason is quite simple: every phone call is a unique experience for us. When people call in to get a quote, or to get questions answered, we get the opportunity to help. We are able to calm the storm that is moving, one of the most stressful experiences for people. And now I have the chance to write a blog, and share just how awesome it is to be able to work with y’all. I may not be the one who catches you, but that’s part of the fun. You never know what’s about to happen when that phone rings. The only question that really remains then is who “whale” be answering your call today?