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First Day in Your New Home

You moved! Now what? Congratulations, you moved! Your first 24 hours in a new home can really set the tone for your time there. Here's what to do right off the bat and a few things that you can hold off on doing. First, take pictures... Before you settle in it's important to take pictures of your new place, especially if you're renting! Take photos and upload them to a secure digital folder where you'll be able to find them later on. Then, send them to your family and friends! They want to see your new digs! Second, make your bed! Making your bed early in the day will ensure that you can roll into bed at the end of your moving day! Do yourself a favor and be sure that your bed is ready when you are. Third, do some spot cleaning. When you move into a new place there may be a few spots that can use a little TLC. Cleaning them right away will mean that you'll feel more comfortable and relaxed. Fourth, unpack the things you use every day! You'll be settling in for a few days, so why not unpack the things you'll need tomorrow right now? Set up the coffee pot, your shower and your closet. The next few days will be much easier! Fifth, relax and celebrate! Kick back and enjoy your new space for a little bit! Whether you order takeout or pop a bottle, take a moment to make a special memory in your new home! Don't worry about...
  • Getting everything unpacked on the first day!
  • Hanging wall art
  • Setting up electronics right away
  • Stocking up your pantry or refrigerator
  • Having people over (unless you feel like it!)