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Everyone Has A Story

Working at Blue Whale in customer serviceWhen I was younger, adults used to tell me that I must have “I listen” tattooed on my forehead in invisible ink, because people always told me how their lives were going. I’d ask waiters how they’re doing, and spend the next 10 minutes listening about their relationships or concerts they’re going to later that evening. I didn’t know exactly why people told me their stories at first, but I believe now it’s because I listen. That’s all. I ask a question and then wait. And I love it. Working at Blue Whale in customer service, I appreciate being there for people in stressful situations and being able to focus on simply moving them. I don’t need an answer for their life; I just have to be able to help them move it. By now I’ve heard it all. We have moved a woman who just got married and moved her again a year and a half later because she divorced; moved abused spouses under the watchful eye of the police; and moved clients with brain cancer into their final homes. And, the daughters of a long-time client once spent a week with us at our warehouse going through their late mother’s final possessions (all the while telling me about her story and favorite memories). Moving is stressful, but nobody seems to think about the other stressors – job change, divorce, etc. It’s more than a change of address. Moving can become confusing but it’s usually the fear of something new or unexpected. Sonder Sonder - Urban DictionaryWe earn and take pride in our things or “possessions.” When moving, strangers come into your home and touch those things. This can bring out the worst in some people. I’ve found that if they can just talk about those things that are freaking them out and be heard, we can take care of this one thing for them (peacefully moving them from point A to B) – just this one thing – even if nothing else, it’s OK. We all have a story and stressful times. Being able to be there for someone while they’re going through a stressful situation like moving, is a gift.