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How to De-Clutter Before Your Move

Moving creates the perfect opportunity to sort through everything you own! Clearing out things you no longer use or need makes the entire moving process easier and avoid moving mistakes. Here's a simple guide to de-cluttering your life before you move.
  • Create a designated area for your unwanted things! This helps ensure that they don't accidentally make it to your new place. Whether you set aside a few boxes or start collecting everything in one room, be sure that there's a spot for things you won't be keeping.
  • Set criteria for what you'll keep and what you'll ditch. After a while, sorting through your things can become tiring! Setting criteria will help make the decision making process easy. For clothing, a good rule of thumb is if you haven't worn it in a year, toss it. Be prepared to make some tough choices about sentimental items. Hang in there - the process will be worth it!
  • Make a plan for disposing of the items! There are lots of ways to dispose of your things in a responsible way. If you want to cash in you can plan a yard sale or sell your things online. If you want to donate or recycle your belongings, you can call Humpback Junk Removal. They'll sort through everything and make sure anything that can be donated or recycled goes to the right place. There may be some things you'd like to give to family members or friends, now is the time to make arrangements!
  • If you can't decide store it. Sometimes the choice is just too hard. Put those things into storage! If you haven't missed them after six months, you can ditch them. If you have, you can bring them into your new home guilt free.
De-cluttering before your move will make both packing and unpacking so much easier. If you need help with packing, moving or storing your things Blue Whale Moving, Inc. can help. Get your free quote online or call us at (512) 328-6688 for more information!