How to Practice Self-Care During A Move

Moving is often cited as one of the most stressful life events, and its important to practice self-care throughout the process! Blue Whale Moving, Inc. wants to take care of you, and your belongings during your move, so we’ve created a list to help you manage your moving stress in a healthy way.

  1. Ask for help – Your move is a big deal! Asking friends and professionals for help in tackling your move is always a good idea. The Blue Whale Moving team will help you pack and move your belongings, so you can focus on getting settled!
  2. Get enough sleep – Getting enough sleep can be hard when you’re busy! But it’s easier for you to make decisions and handle transitions when you’re well-rested. Make sleep a priority and you’ll feel better mentally and physically!
  3. Stay active – Exercise provides an endorphin boost that improves your mood and helps manage stress in a healthy way! Sign up for a yoga class (Austin has a ton of great yoga studios!) or go for a run (try one of Austin’s great trails!) and you’ll likely find that afterwards you feel ready to tackle your to-do list!
  4. Take a break – Sometimes taking a break is the best way to bust moving stress! Call a friend, grab an ice cream cone or catch a movie to re-fresh and re-energize yourself!
  5. Put on some music – Music is soothing for your mind and body. When you listen to music, your cortisol levels go down and your heartbeat lowers. Put on your favorite song (maybe have a little dance party!) and you’ll be smiling in no time!

Practicing self-care and finding healthy ways to manage your moving stress is key to a successful move! Let Blue Whale Moving help you move by requesting your free moving quote by calling (888) 972-7119 or submitting a request online!

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