Moving With A Cat

3 Things to Know About Moving with A Cat

So you’ve decided to move! Your cat will probably be happy about all the new boxes and might be a little anxious too! The changes at home leading up to the move and the new environment can be a little nerve wracking for a cat! Moving with a cat comes with some challenges but you can prepare and make it easy! Here’s what to expect from your kitty and how you can help them feel safe and secure throughout the move.

Your cat might not like being in a pet carrier. Help your cat acclimate to being in the carrier by leaving it out in the week leading up to the move. If your pet really hates the carrier, try leaving treats inside to help build positive associations and use a calming spray on the interior to help them feel at ease. On the day of the move, try putting one of your t-shirts in the carrier with your cat so that they know you’re nearby during travel.

Create a safe space for your kitty on moving day. All the hustle and bustle of moving day can generate a lot of stress for a cat. If you can confine them to an area where they have their own space, away from the strangers and movement happening in your home, they’ll handle the transition more easily! It also helps ensure that they don’t get out while doors are open. Make sure they have access to a litter box and some favorite toys.

Introduce your cat to its new home slowly! Let your cat acclimate to one room first, then explore one room at a time together. Make sure your kitty knows this is a safe space by supplying treats, toys and lots of affection. If you cat is still anxious try using a calming spray or diffuser to help them relax. Make sure your cat knows the location of the food, water and litter box.

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