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How to Move Your Plants

House plants help make your living space feel like home! They clean the air, serve as decor and bring the outdoors inside. But moving can stress plants and you’ll need to take special care to ensure that your plants remain healthy through the transition. We’ve put together a timeline of how to care for your plants during a relocation to help ensure that your plants grace your home for years to come!

Prepare Your Plants – 3 Weeks Before Your Relocation

Remove any unhealthy or dying leaves and prune your plants – this will help your plant use nutrients and water efficiently! Now is also a good time to fertilize your plants and give them a deep watering so it is prepared for the stress of moving. Dust off the leaves, address any pest issues and pull out any weeks.

If your plants are in heavy pots, you may want to re-plant them in plastic planters too! It will be easier to move the plants and will help keep your planters in good condition.

Do Your Research – 2 Weeks Before You Move

Sometimes local laws or regulations make it illegal to move plants between areas. Be sure that you do your due diligence to ensure that you can bring your plants to your new home! You can check the Texas Department of Agriculture website to find pest and quarantine information if you’re moving in the State of Texas. If you can’t relocate your house plants, you can give them to friends or charitable organizations.

Move Your Plants – The Day of Your Move

If possible move your plants in a secure, temperature controlled environment like your personal vehicle. Too much shifting can disrupt root systems, too much temperature change result in disease. If you’re moving on a hot day, give your plants a little water on the day of the move. If you’re moving in colder weather, stop watering your plants a few days before the move.

Get your house plants into their permanent location in your new home as quickly as possible. This will help them come out of shock and adjust to their new environment. If you’re not sure what kind of light your plant needs, you can look it up using a plant encyclopedia.

Settle Your Plants – After You Relocate

It’s important to monitor your plants after you’ve moved them. They will probably need a little extra TLC for several weeks. Be sure to water and fertilize them consistently until they’ve settled into their new home!


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