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35 Moving Hacks that Will Make Your Life Easier

Anyway you slice it, moving is rough. But luckily the movers who have come before have generated some awesome hacks to keep your relocation as smooth as can be. Here are 35 little-known shortcuts that will help you stay sane on the big day.
    1. Get started as soon as possible. By starting early, you won’t have your back up against the wall when move day arrives. Trust us, you don’t want to move on an hour of sleep.
    2. Pack a first-night box. Put all the things you’ll need right away—your toothbrush, a change of clothes, your phone charger, etc.—into a box or overnight bag for easy access until you get everything unpacked.
    3. Stow your jewelry in egg cartons. The little cups make the perfect place for rings, necklaces, and earrings. Genius!
    4. Use wine bottle boxes to store your glasses. So you can have a toast after you get everything moved!
    5. Use baggies to store furniture hardware. And make sure to label each one with the item it goes to!
    6. Ask for a receipt for your clothing and furniture donations. It’s all tax-deductible!
    7. Pack your clothes in trash bags. Keep them on the hangers and cinch the drawstrings around the hooks.
    8. Buy plastic bins in place of boxes. You can use them to store garage items and other nonessentials when you’re done!
    9. Take a picture of your electronics before you unplug them. Save time when you’re setting up your computer!
    10. Document your apartment’s condition before you move in. Speaking of photos, be sure to snap a few of your new rental so you can keep track of damages you didn’t cause.
    11. Stack plates on their edges to keep them from breaking. Less surface area = less chance of shattering.
    12. Or use styrofoam plates as a cushion. Position plates between your china and keep yourself chip-free!
    13. Start polishing off the freezer a few weeks ahead of time. Use SuperCook to find recipes to make with the ingredients you already have.
    14. Microwave your painter’s tape. Who needs another trip to Home Depot? Revive dried painter’s tape by zapping it for a few seconds.
    15. Stay organized. Use the free app Moving Day to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.
    16. Keep pets away from the action on moving day. Take them to a pet sitter or friend’s house to make sure they stay out of the way.
    17. Offer the movers refreshments. Water is always a plus when you’re lifting heavy furniture.
    18. Don’t skimp on moving supplies. Go for the dolly and hand truck—it will make your life so much easier!
    19. Try to keep boxes light. Anything heavier than 50 pounds is a nightmare (looking at you, bibliophiles!).
    20. Clean the bathroom and kitchen in your new home before you move. Nothing says “welcome home” like freshly-mopped tile!
    21. Place cotton pads in your compacts to keep your makeup from breaking. Because Sephora is expensive!
    22. Fill wall holes with toothpaste or Ivory soap. It sounds weird, but it actually works!
    23. Complete a Change-of-Address form with the post office ahead of time. Two weeks will give the USPS time to process your request.
    24. Defrost the fridge the day before you move. Get it done the day before so you can air out those nasty smells.
    25. Keep your tools handy. Don’t pack your tool chest in a box—you never know when you might want to tighten a screw or hang a piece of art!
    26. Label your boxes on the top and one side. You’ll know what you’re dealing with when they’re piled in the truck.
    27. Get a box of brads for emergency furniture repair. Those IKEA bookcases usually need little TLC after making it through a move.
    28. List your stuff on Craigslist and eBay ahead of time. It always takes longer than you think to find an interested buyer.
    29. Use towels and sheets to cushion breakable items. It’s more eco-friendly than bubble wrap!
    30. Set up your bed first. You’ll have a lot more energy for unpacking with a good night of rest.
    31. Color code your boxes by room. It makes it so much easier to unpack!
    32. List your used boxes on Craigslist or Nothing like paying it forward!
    33. Get to know your new neighborhood using Nextdoor. It’s like Facebook, Craigslist and your Neighborhood Watch had a baby!
    34. Don’t forget to tell your movers thank you. Movers work hard, so make sure to give them the praise they deserve, and rate and review the company online if you can!
    35. And, finally, celebrate! Moving is hard, so you deserve a little well-earned self-care.
There, doesn’t that feel better? Armed with these hacks, your move will be over in no time. And when you’re ready to call in the movers, give us a call at Blue Whale Moving. We’ve got this!