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Blue Whale’s Favorite Moving Hacks

Hack your move!

Blue Whale Moving, Inc. wants to help make your move as easy as possible! Whether you're moving to the other side of Austin or the other side of country, we've gathered ten of our favorite moving hacks to help make your move easier.
  1. Pack an overnight bag with essentials, like pajamas and a phone charger, that you’ll need in the first 24 hours after your relocation.
  2. Be sure to take a photo of how your electronics (like televisions, stereos and gaming systems) hook up so you can easily reconnect the wires.
  3. Make sure to have digital copies of any important papers in case you need them mid-move.
  4. Compete and submit a change of address request with the US Post Office two weeks prior to your move for continuous mail service.
  5. Write both the room where the box should be placed and the contents of the box on two sides to ensure everything ends up in the right room and you know how to unpack!
  6. Donate, recycle or throw away items that you no longer use, or won’t need in your new home. Keep things simple and let Humpback Junk Removal help haul your junk!
  7. Pack your out of season clothing and household items first, you won’t miss them!
  8. If you have children or pets, be sure to make a plan for them on moving day!
  9. Stock up on a few snacks, like protein bars and apples, for the day of your move and the morning after your move to so you don't go hungry!
  10. Hire Blue Whale Moving, Inc.! Give us a call at 512-328-6688 to get your free moving estimate today!

Share your tips!

Have a really great moving hack you want to share? Post your hack in the comments section below and we may share it in a future moving hacks post!