Moving FAQ

Are you bonded and insured?

Our movers are not bonded, as they are full time employees of Blue Whale® and are fully insured by us.

What about if something gets damaged during the move, what are my options?

You can always purchase additional valuation or insurance. Just please let us know before the day of the move so we can make sure the proper paperwork has been filed. For more information about that feel free to call the office to speak with one of us.

For any additional information about the Texas regulations, please take a look at the Texas DMV website.

When should I call by to book the job?

We typically ask for one to two weeks’ notice to schedule a move. This time will extend out to three to four weeks advance notice during the peak summer months. It is entirely dependent on our schedule, as it is a “first come, first serve” basis.

How will you move me out of state?

Our long distance moves are provided in the same way our local moves are – door to door. Where larger national moving companies will have multiple inventories travel through checkpoints and warehouses cross-country, often changing trucks and crews along the way, your interstate move with Blue Whale® will be handled by the same crew, in the same truck, in just a matter of days. As we are based in Austin, often this method has us returning home with an empty truck and unfortunately that does keep our costs higher than those same national chains.

The weather looks like it’ll be rainy/sleety, will you still be able to move me?

Provided that the weather conditions are workable, we absolutely will. Torrential downpours or hurricane winds will likely cause us to postpone the move, but light rains or cold weather are not an issue.

Blue packing blakets

How will you move my piano?

We will provide all necessary materials, such as moving blankets and a piano board. However, we are unable to move pianos up or down any full flights of stairs. Two or three steps at the entry of the home will not be an issue.

Can you move my gun safe, it’s pretty heavy?

Gun safes can get pretty heavy, and are charged accordingly, however most of the time they do not require an additional bulk item fee. However, if the safe is over 500 lbs in weight it would be outside the scope of what we feel we can safely handle with our equipment and will refer you to safe specialists.

What are bulk items?

This can be somewhat of a tricky question and needs to be handled on a case by case basis. A table made entirely of marble would be a good example of this as it is not an average item and would require a certain crew with the right equipment.

Can you disassemble my pool table?

We are unable to disassemble and reassemble pool tables. Additionally, we are unable to move pool tables that have a one piece slate top. We will move three piece slate top tables, provided they are disassembled and crated ahead of time.

Will you move me into a different storage facility?

We will move you and your home anywhere you would like! We do also offer storage here in our warehouse, and would be happy to go over the reasons you would want to store with us.

I don’t think I can give an accurate inventory, could you come out to my house?

We offer in-home estimates Monday through Friday, with appointments available between 10 am and 4 pm. While we will be glad to do a complimentary on-site estimate for any home, we strongly recommend them on homes larger than 1600 square feet.

Do I have a specific sales person that I have to talk to each time I call?

Not at all! Every member of the sales team can help answer questions, make adjustments, or schedule you for a move.

Should I tip; how much is standard?

There is no expectation for a tip, however it is always appreciated by the movers to get a little extra afterwards. As far as how much, this can always be hard to know as there’s no “industry standard” to fall back to. What we generally see is about 5% – what that looks like is for a move of $500-$750 the tip total would be about $25 to $40, or $10 to $20 per mover. Bottom line, a tip is a gift and should be entirely based on the quality of the service that you received, so go with what feels right.

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From Our Clients

  • “Very pleased with this moving company! David and Angel are great workers. They were on time, worked fast, hard-working, extremely professional and friendly. Will use them again in the future!”

    — Rob D.

  • “I was having a HARD day when Blue Whale Moving helped us and they made everything easy. I never had a moments concern that my things were not being handled well.”

    — Josie L.

  • “As a professional in the real estate industry for over 23 years Blue Whale is still one of my top Real Estate sources for moving. I recommend them highly with regard to their expertise in getting the job done effectively and without hassle.”

    — Lisa Marie C.

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